Giga Innovations

Our journey began with advising growth–stage companies to funding. Eventually, we established centres and extended our services to help take any business to the next level. The key to our success is fostering a collaborative community of experts and resources focused on helping companies grow - No matter what stage your company is in, we can support your journey.

GIGA stands for "Giving Indians Global Access" and our team partners and targets opportunities in Entrepreneurship Vertical
There is a huge need for facilitated entrepreneurship support which gives a clear path for company growth. At the same time, there are many organizations and investors who want to give back. We bring these two groups together.

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Everything you need and more!

  • Shared workspaces fine-tuned to your workstyle

  • Private offices, Professional meeting rooms

  • CALM Services, Pitching, Funding

  • A connected community, engaging events and event space

  • Business service options like printing, mailing address, robust internet with backup, A/V-equipped gathering spaces, podcasting room, local discounts and more

  • Enterprise services for remote teams and employees